How to Choose Between DTF Printers

When you need a direct to film (DTF) printer, you might not know where to start. Different DTF printers are made to suit different projects depending on the size and scale, so it's important to research carefully before committing. Want to learn more about the DTF printers you can choose from? Keep reading along here to find the best DTF printer for your business.

Peregrine Printers

This system is made for industrial purposes. When you're scaling up to mass-scale production, you should invest in this printer. The max print width is 23 inches. This machine is also compatible with 1400, 1080, 720, and 360 DPI resolutions. You won't worry about running out of ink in the middle of a job, as each cartridge holds a liter of DTF ink. There are several options for Peregrine Printers, whether you need two heads or four, so take a look at the options online.

Eyas2 Printer

The Eyas2 printer boasts a 40-square-foot per hour printing speed, allowing you to complete projects faster than other options on the market. It's also great for smaller projects and items with a 4-foot by 6-foot print capacity. In-line production, cleaning, and capping are all automated in the system. With the Ultra Bright Ink Bundle, your logo or symbol will stand out without fail! At Printomize America, the Eyas2 comes with a one-year limited warranty on your printer.

Kool Press DTF

The Kool Press DTF printer can print up to 100 designs in an hour, as each design can be pressed and printed within 12 seconds. Direct to film printing is typically done in about 15 seconds at 315 degrees Fahrenheit according to What They Think, so it's clear that Kool Press outperforms the standard. These printers are also capable of printing any combination of designs and colors on a single sheet. You won't have to waste time switching out designs when completing a complex order.

At Printomize America, we can help you get started with DTF printers for your business. Each of our products has levels of support available, from self-setup with a video to onsite setup and training. All printers come with phone, email, and chat support. Looking to order new DTF printers for your business? Give Printomize America a call today! Our team members will help you find the right choice.