What You Should Know About Kool Press DTF Printing

Ever since the development of print media in 1440, we have continually improved the technology of printing to ensure that we can print high-quality, in bulk, and over many different materials. Of the many printing technologies that exist, the Direct to Transfer (DTF) printer is one of the best printing solutions. This printer is able to print quality designs at incredibly high speeds. According to Grandview Research, the global printing ink market size was valued at $19.2 billion in 2020. These numbers are projected to increase in the next couple of years. Therefore, it's wise to get a Kool Press DTF printer for its ability to create quality prints at incredibly fast speeds.

The Quality of Equipment

In order to be successful in the printing industry, the quality of your work and speed of production need to be excellent. Therefore, you'll need printing equipment that's highly rated and dependable. The Kool Press DTF machine is able to print different designs at incredible speeds. In order to keep up with demand, you'll want a machine that can produce in bulk without sacrificing quality. With this machine, you can be confident that you have an edge over your competition as you can deliver your printed t-shirts and other merchandise in time.

The Quality of Film

The quality of film used will affect the quality of the image produced by your Kool Press DTF printing machine. This machine requires a PET film. The quality of the PET film has a direct impact on the quality of results you'll achieve. For best results, choose double-filmed PET films. This film should be in good shape and shouldn't be adhesive. Adhesive films have the likelihood to attract dirt. The file should also be compatible with the desktop and large print format. The quality of film has a direct impact on the quality of the image and the possibility of getting future clients.

The Versatility

The best thing about the Kool Press DTF machine is its ability to work on different materials of different sizes. Unlike other printers that limit you to cotton fabric, this machine is able to print on all fabric. It can print on polyester, silk, and rayon leather among many others. This gives one a competitive edge as they can meet the needs of different clients.

The Kool Press DTF machine is a great asset to anyone in the printing business. It not only gives you a competitive edge but also helps give you an easy time as you're using it. Give Printomize America a call today for more information on our products.